V8.0 Release tomorrow, A brighter future

Hey all, Zen here to let you know about some of the stuff that we have been working on for the past couple of months. We noticed some time ago that the group, while full of fairly active users, lacked the regular content that we strive to create. We simply were not receiving the engagement that we sought to get out of the group. We realized that as the content providers for the group, this was namely our fault. Therefore, we began to take steps to rectify this matter.


In addition to the normal mod releases, we will now be regularly updating a development blog that can be found on our website, and making a web series. The development blog will allow for us to make more detailed posts more often so that people who are interested in having insight into what we do to make and maintain the mod can follow the process closely, without irritating those who don’t with constant steam posts. The web series is mostly for the amusement of our loyal group members and supporters. It will be put out in a series of comedic shorts that are semi-relevant to BSR or to what Colt, Quas, and I do in our daily lives. Occasionally we may also release a video that is tailored to come out alongside a mod release.


Overall, we will be pushing more content in an attempt to further engage the community and liven up the group. We really love making BSR, but as we have said 1000 times before we cannot do it without out you. Thank you all so much for your continued support of BSR, without you guys we wouldn’t exist.


-Zen, Quas, Colt, Blitzy and the rest of the BSR team.
Below are links to the aforementioned web pages.

Main Bodhis Site

Bodhis Development Blog

Bodhis Web Series


P.S: V8.0 is working its way through the tubes as we speak, and should be ready and treated for safe consumption no later than tomorrow night.