Bodhi's Sound Repair

Creating Better Sounds For Over 2666 Payday 2 Players

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About Bodhi's

Bodhi's Sound Repair is an overhaul mod of all of Payday 2's weapon sounds. We are aiming for a balance of realism and badass audio. Our goal is improve the audio quality and sound levels starting with the weapons, and then moving on to changing music, atmospheric, and AI sounds.

The Team

- Colt -

Colt is the programmer behind the mod, and the second seat sound monkey. He's a recent graduate with a bachelors in Computer Science, and has a long history in video game testing and modding.

- Quas -

Quas is a sound engineer, and graphic designer for BSR. He made all the base sounds for the weapons we use in our mod, and heavily modifies them with the help of Colt. He also handles all the relations with the community, and other modders.

- Zen -

Zen is the lead web developer and oversees forum interaction. Aside from assisting Colt and Quas in the creation of BSR related projects, he maintains the Bodhi's website. He has also been known to hop into the live streams from time to time.


Current Releases

Legacy Releases

Legacy Optional Releases

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